Alum: Uses, Benefits & Side Effects

Alum is a mineral found in nature in each pure and impure bureaucracy. It is a mineral salt. It is obtained from the soil ore observed in Nepal, Bihar, Punjab, and the Kathiawar area.1 It is a colourless, clear, odourless, crystalline mass or granular powder with a sweetish astringent flavour. It is found in Egypt, Italy, England, Germany, and India.

Phitkari, phatkiri, phatphadi (Bengali); aluminous sulphate, sulphate of alumina and potash, sulphate of aluminium and ammonium (English); phatkari (Gujrati); phitkari, phitikhari, phitkiri (Hindi); fatkari (Punjabi); pati-karam, padikharam, shinacarum (Tamil); sphatikari, surashtraja, kamakshi, tuvari (Sanskrit); pitki (Sindhi) are the not unusual names of alum.2

alum makes use of benefits side effects

When heated, it melts at around 200 degrees ensuing in an anhydrous salt. It is regularly contaminated with impurities in markets. It can be made appropriate for capacity health makes use of.2 It is discovered in lots of pharmaceutical, beauty, and meals products. It has a robust astringent exceptional. It comes in four unique colours: white, inexperienced, yellow, and pink. White is known as phitkari, green is called heera kasees, yellow is referred to as kasees, and pink is known as surkh phitkari. The maximum amazing exceptional alum, consistent with Unani physicians, is one which without difficulty shatters.Three

Chemical Composition of Alum:
Alum is composed of potassium, aluminium, hydrogen, sulphur and oxygen.1

Properties of Alum:
Various residences of alum are indexed below.3

It might be an antibacterial agent
It might have an antiplatelet (prevents platelet aggregation) property
It would possibly have an anti-weight problems activity2
It may be an anti- haemorrhagic (stops bleeding) agent1
It may additionally have an anti-inflammatory capacity
It can also have an antidandruff property
It can be an anti-asthamatic3
I actually have study that Pliny the Elder, a Roman historian, believed that alum should perform a little fascinating matters. According to him, alum might also have the strength to likely control and decrease perspiration, making you sweat much less. Additionally, it became believed that alum would possibly have the ability to counteract ugly odours, making the armpits smell more excellent.

Dr. Siddharth Gupta, B.A.M.S, M.D (Ayu)
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Potential Uses of Alum:
Potential use of alum for infections:
Different alum concentrations have been tested in opposition to Proteus mirabilis, which causes urinary tract infections. The observe’s findings found out that capability antimicrobial interest turned into verified by using the viable lack of micro organism motility in culture media.1

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Using an in-vitro bioassay approach, the antibacterial hobby of alum and clove extract became assessed against pathogens together with S. Aureus, S. Epidermidis, E. Coli, and K. Pneumonia. Potential antibacterial activity became found inside the alum and clove extracts, suppressing bacterial increase isolated from various infection sites.2

Using alum mouthwash and rinsing twice a day is probably green in reducing the level of salivary mutans Streptococci within the kids.3

The antifungal interest of alum changed into examined on yeast remoted from mouth lesions. It was concluded that alum may help manipulate fungal isolates and it might be helpful towards infections inclusive of oral thrush and mouth ulcers.3 However, greater research are required to examine the usage of alum for infections.

Potential use of alum for platelets:
In an animal model, the antiplatelet movement of alum changed into investigated in terms of platelet aggregation and bleeding time. After alum injection, platelet aggregation become drastically reduced. The time it took for an animal version to bleed after receiving an alum injection was also plenty longer. The look at’s findings advise that alum is probably beneficial as an antiplatelet drug.2 However, greater research on humans are required to show its effectiveness.

Potential use of alum for weight problems:
In an obese animal model, oral intake of potash alum showed a ability to reason possible reduction of frame weight, meals consumption, serum triglycerides, general cholesterol, and high-density lipoproteins. This suggests the viable anti-weight problems effect.3 However, greater research on humans are required to show such consequences.

Potential use of alum for stomatitis (inflamed mouth):
Recurrent stomatitis is as a result of antibiotics, painkillers, and different capsules. A topical utility of alum may be beneficial for this circumstance.1 It may additionally assist stomatitis and can be administered along with honey.2 However, more studies is needed to show the ability use of alum for stomatitis. Kindly seek advice from a medical doctor and do not 350 Ml
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Potential use of alum for publish-operative wounds:
Alum would possibly display some effect on post-operative wounds.Alum may be dissolvedin water and used for assisting with the post-operative wounds.1 There is a want for extra studies to show its effectiveness for submit-operative wounds. Kindly do now not self-medicate as healing of submit-operative wounds is crucial.

Potential use of alum for tumour:
Animal research have shown the feasible anti-tumour impact of alum. An animal version turned into injected with alum. The effects of the look at indicated ability in tumour boom discount in the animal version.Three However, greater research is required to prove such claims. Moreover, tumours need to be recognized and handled by way of medical doctors. Therefore, kindly consult a health practitioner.

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